Daily TrapKink Gang

Daily TrapKink Gang


Daily Trap Bundle

1-4 oz Daily Trap Mist

1- 40z Daily Trap oil

1- 4oz Daily Trap Cream



These products are for daily use from head to toe. Spray in the Daily Trap Mist to moisturize your hair and skin, follow up with Daily Trap Oil and Daily Trap Cream. Trap Kink produces 100% all-natural organic products designed for melanated skin and 4c+ hair. These products feed the hair and skin.

Contains: 100% all-natural ingredients Raw Shea, Olea europaea, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Castor oil plant, sweet almond oil, Mentha piperita, Grapeseed oil, Biotin, Lavender oil, avocado oil.

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Weight 32 oz


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