Trap Kink Bundles

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TrapKink Gang

1-4 oz Daily Trap Cream

1- 40z Daily Trap Oil

1- 4oz Peppermint Trap Treatment

1- 4oz Chocolate Trap Mask

In Stock

4- 4oz bottles

TrapKink Nation

1- 8 Oz Daily Trap Cream

1- 8 Oz Daily Trap Oil

1- 8 Oz Peppermint Trap Treatment

1- 8 Oz- Chocolate Trap Treatment

In Stock

8 oz

Trap Kink Travel

Travel Bundle

2oz- DTC

                                                 2oz – DTO                                                  

                                                2oz- PTT                                                  

                                              2oz- CTT                                                

In Stock


Kinky Trap Monthly

Kinky Trap Gang members will receive refills on 4oz products monthly and receive Apparel on first order.
Monthly subscription

Automatic monthly subscription

TrapKink Quarterly

TrapKink Gang will receive new products every 90 days of their selection and receive apparel on the first order.
In Stock

Automatic Quarterly Subcription


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