Author: Sierra Johnson

Ginger of Gemini Flyii- 4C+ Jewelry Maker

  Here at, we showcase our 4C+ women doing it big in all forms of business. Trapkink wants to highlight all our Trapkink 4C+ women who promote self-care and inspire all forms of wellness. Trapkink would like to highlight  Ginger CEO of Gemini Flyii handmade jewelry adornments made of brass and various sustainable materials.

Natural Hair Love with Karen-@SaydatAgain

Introducing the newest member of our TrapKink gang. Karen Morrow also knows as the better half of Spotify’s top-rated podcast “The Black Guy Who Tips”.  Karen has been an amazing host of this podcast with her husband Rod Morrow for over 10 years as they just celebrated their podcast anniversary. Catch Karen on “The Black